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Comedians have always used props from Jonathan Winters to Steve Martin. But before Carrot Top, no comic had ever actually created props, not as puns, but as humorous inventions. Nothing new in show business? Itís all been done before? With a Rube Goldberg genius for gadgets and rock íní roll in-your-face energy, Carrot Top is a comedian unlike any other ever.


ďNobody can steal my act,Ē says Carrot Top (a.k.a. Scott Thompson). ďIíve challenged comics to write me a prop and they canít. Comedians have done plays on words but writing a visual joke is something else. A rubber chicken isnít enough. I have to write my own material, make my own props, because no one sells what I do like the paper-cup-and-string-telephone with a third cup for call waiting. Iím happy not only that I have my own style but Iíve been an original from the very start.Ē


The road to becoming a pop culture reference (from Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery and MAD magazine, to Celery Head, a comedian who plays a guitar with a slice of cheese on ďKing Of The HillĒ) had its early rocky moments. This college graduate son of a NASA scientist didnít grow up in show business. Even worse, when he began his steady climb upward in 1990, many clubs wouldnít book him because he didnít fit into the angst-filled zeitgeist of contemporary stand-up comedy. But then his imaginative hyper-reality became a hit on college campuses. He remains the only person ever named both Entertainer of the Year and Comedian of the Year in the same year (1993) by the National Association of Campus Activities. In 1994, he took home the American Comedy Award for Best Male Stand-Up.


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