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The Las Vegas Monorail is privately funded and operated, using no tax dollars for its construction or operations. It connects eight major resorts, linking more than 25,000 hotel rooms and about 4.4 million square feet of meeting and convention space, including one of the world’s largest convention centers. The 4-mile route stops at the following seven stations: MGM Grand; Bally’s/Paris; Flamingo/Caesars Palace; Harrah’s/Imperial Palace; Las Vegas Convention Center; Las Vegas Hilton; and the Sahara.


The $650 million transportation system runs along the Las Vegas resort corridor, traveling at a top speed of 50 mph. Up to nine trains consisting of four cars each run on a single rail that rises 20 feet high in most areas, its highest point reaching 70 feet above the Las Vegas Convention Center. The system is electric and has improved transit along the Strip without impacting air quality. Each year, it will take more than 4.4 million automobile trips off the major roadways and reduce carbon monoxide by 135 tons.



Las Vegas Monorail, Questions and Answers!


What are the hours of service?
The monorail operates Mondays through Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Fridays through Sundays from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Single-ride fare is $5, or you can purchase an unlimited ride pass. For ticketing options and additional information, call 866-4-MONORAIL


Is the monorail air-conditioned?
Yes. The monorail provides 2 heavy-duty air conditioning units in each car of the train.


Traveling with young children:
Children 5 and under ride free and must be able to be carried through the fare gates and be accompanied by an adult passenger who has a paid fare. Everyone else must have a valid ticket.


Strollers are permitted. All monorail stations have accessible elevator service to all levels. There is level boarding from the platform to all trains. The stroller must be placed in a locked position for the duration of the ride.


Seniors and People with Disabilities:
The monorail is completely ADA compliant. Properly harnessed and trained service animals accompanying persons with disabilities are permitted in monorail stations and on trains.


Wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters and motorized scooters that assist those with a disability are permitted on the monorail. All monorail stations have accessible elevator service to all levels. There is level boarding from the platform to all trains. All monorail cars have space to accommodate mobility vehicles. Passengers boarding are required to place them in the locked position for the duration of the ride.


What is the route of the Las Vegas Monorail system?
The system operates on a route approximately 4 miles long, from the Sahara Hotel to the MGM Grand. See Map Below.


Does the monorail go to the airport?
Not at this time. Shuttle Bus Service is available to and from the airport and most hotels for a fee. In addition, Taxi Cab Service, Limousine Service and Car Rentals are also available at the airport.


What is the schedule? / How often do trains arrive at the stations?
There is no preset schedule for the operation of the monorail. Trains arrive approximately every 4 to 12 minutes depending on the number of trains in operation. The number of trains operating is set based on anticipated ridership levels. These levels will vary throughout the day to support expected peak hours and throughout the year with summer and winter weekday and weekend schedules. The majority of the day trains arrive every 5 to 6 minutes. Passenger levels are monitored and service is adjusted accordingly. Announcements at each of the stations will notify you when the next train is due to arrive.


How do I navigate my way around once I’m traveling the system?
What station is closest to the resort where I'm staying and the sights I want to see?
Every station has signage that displays the 4-mile monorail route map. These maps are also located inside every car.


Where else can I go with the Las Vegas Monorail?
The monorail provides easy travel to other Las Vegas hotels and attractions.


Ticket Types and Fares:
A Single Ride Ticket is $5.00. Unlimited Ride Passes are also available on all Monorail Stations.


Can any of the tickets be shared?
No. Unlimited Ride Passes are good for unlimited travel for one person during hours of operation.


How long are the tickets good for?
You have one year from the ticket’s purchase date to use the ticket. The single ride ticket loses its value after the ride is taken. The unlimited one day and three day passes expire in 24 and 72 hours, respectively, after first use.


Where do I purchase the tickets? / How do I purchase monorail tickets?

Automated touch-screen ticket vending machines (TVMs) are conveniently located at each monorail station entrance. TVMs are also located inside the monorail station resort properties and the Las Vegas Convention Center Central and South Halls. TVMs accept cash and all major credit cards. Maximum change is $20.00, given in $1.00 coins.


How do the ticket vending machines work?
The ticket machines operate with touch screens. Touch the screen to select the type of ticket you'd like. On the next screen, select how many of those tickets you want to purchase. The following screen will have you select your method of payment. Prior to making your payment, you will always see a screen that tells you what type of ticket and how many of them you've ordered and what your total amount will be. There is a cancel button at the bottom of the screen should you make an error and want to start over. The ticket vending machines are also equipped with Braille and an audio system for purchasing tickets. Once you've made your payment, there are no refunds on pass purchases.


Using the tickets at the station fare gates:
To enter the monorail system, you will insert your ticket into the designated opening on the front of the fare gate. Look for the picture on the gate that shows you how to properly insert the ticket. Once inserted, the ticket will return to you at the opening on the top of the fare gate. You must remove the ticket for the gate to open for entry. If you do not remove the ticket and attempt to enter through the gate an alarm will sound. Once you have your ticket and have entered through the fare gate, proceed to the platform for boarding.


How do the ticket fare gates recognize my ticket type?
Each ticket has a magnetic stripe that is encoded with the fare type at the time of purchase by the ticket vending machine. The fare gates read the encoded information from the magnetic stripe. The day, date, time and location of purchase will be printed on your ticket once you receive it from the ticket vending machine. Once you've used your ticket at the fare gate, it will also show the day, date and time of first use.


Are there discounts?
Children 5 and under ride free and must be able to be carried through the fare gates and be accompanied by an adult passenger who has a paid fare. Everyone else must have a valid monorail ticket.


Are there plans to extend the route?
The Las Vegas Monorail Company is currently in the planning phases of a proposed extension to McCarran International Airport.




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