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McCarran Airport

The most popular entrance to McCarran Airport, is to enter from Tropicana and Paradise Road. Simply go South on Paradise and the road heads directly into the Airport.

Or, from the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.), simply go East on Tropicana, Make a Right on Paradise and you are guided by the signs to the airport.
As you approach the airport, simply follow the signs for Arrival or Departure flights, or parking. Signs will also guide you to your desired Terminal.

You may also enter the airport from highway 215, no matter which direction you are traveling on 215, large signs will direct you to the Airport exit, then simply watch for more signs directing you to your desired location at the airport.

Whether you are departing the airport or arriving at the airport, Las Vegas is a fairly simple city to navigate. Street traffic is predictable, with early morning, noon and late afternoon traffic increases. Best time to leave or depart the airport would be in the late evening to avoid street traffic.

Note: The Russell Road entrance is not recommended. Russell Road is two lanes in both directions, and the stop light at the Russell Road airport entrance may take you several cycles to get thru. Best to enter or exit via the 215 or Paradise Road.

McCarran International Airport, 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport Contact Numbers

McCarran International Airport General Information: (702) 261-5211
McCarran International Airport, Parking Information: (702) 261-5121
McCarran International Airport, Flight Information: (702) 261-5121
McCarran International Airport, Paging Information: (702) 261-5211






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