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The Mirage hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip, known for its Fire Erupting Volcano & Tropical Theme!

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Mirage Las Vegas, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, Nevada.  More Info: Click Here

Mirage Las Vegas

Brief Description: Where soft, sunlit days give way to romantic nights. You are invited to experience the Life Exotic. The Mirage's guest rooms feature rich hues and imported fabrics in a refined atmosphere of sophisticated comfort. Breathtaking views of the tropical pool, majestic mountains or Las Vegas Strip. The exploding volcano erupts every 15 minutes from 7 pm until midnight, shooting fire high into the sky. Just inside the resort's front entrance is a lush rain forest with palm trees, cascading waterfalls, meandering lagoons, and exotic tropical flora. A huge aquarium buzzing with leopard sharks, puffer fish, and about 90 other species.

The Mirage hotel has an outdoor Secret Garden, including a dolphin attraction, as well as the white tiger display.

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HOTEL:  This is the place to stay if you want to feel like a high roller without spending like one. Immaculate, reasonably priced rooms are done with botanical prints and yellow, cedar, and cranberry hues; they all have antique looking custom made work desks, and suites are decked in imported silks and hand-loomed carpets. Bathrooms have marble accents and sumptuous appointments.

CASINO: The casino has high minimums (such as $500 slots and a plush private pit where the minimum bet is $1,000), ionosphere maximums, and an overall atmosphere of sophisticated fun. Blackjack at the Mirage has some of the best rules of any Strip casino, while single zero roulette offers the gambler a strong game. The poker room has a stellar reputation for good action, low and high. The look is rain forest rustic: pits are distinguished by separate thatch roofs. There's even a lush tropical garden leading into the main casino to clean your lungs with fresh air. The race and sports book at the south end is full of giant screens that resemble NASA's mission control. The cumulative effect is entirely energizing for a casino.

Mirage Las Vegas


Mirage Las Vegas: Room Rates, Reservations, Hotel Availability and Information: Click Here


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